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A Personal Note

Wife, Mom, Fur-Mom, and Pharmacist

Motherhood has a profound effect on us all. So profound, we don’t fully grasp how miraculous and life-altering it truly is until that bundle of joy is swaddled in your arms for the very first time. That is how Lady Rose Children’s Boutique came to be...born alongside our daughter and quickly developed into a passion I didn’t know I had. Coupled with a natural entrepreneurial spirit, it was only a matter of time before I discovered what kind of small business I wanted to create. As she grew, so did my desire to find unique and superior quality clothing.  Too often I was left disappointed with mass produced brands, quickly shrinking or fading after one wash. Thankfully, I found the craftsmanship and quality I was looking for with independent European and American designers, where traditional style and superior fabrics come first. 


Our daughter is my inspiration and my motivation, and I want to share my love for her and this endeavor with all of you.

Thank you for your support and welcome to Lady Rose Children's Boutique!

-The Centurion Family

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